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A long-term collective dream

The Tayka Hotel Network was born from a dream: to make the members of the communities stop being part of the landscape to become actors of their own development.

Each Community Association owns a percentage of the Hotel and receives part of the dividends generated by the Hotel. Each hotel is a source of work for several members of its Association, who not only participated in the construction of the Hotel but who now work there. Finally, each tourist who visits the Hotel makes a contribution of one dollar to a project that benefits the entire community. This contribution is been used to improve roads, create sewage systems or provide a bonus to the elderly.

This fact makes visiting the Tayka Hotel Chain a different experience: they are not only located in unique places, with landscapes that will leave you breathless, but your visit supports the development of each community. For Tayka the communities are not simple beneficiaries of a project, they are the owners of the Hotel.




The Tayka Hotel Chain was born as a project of the IES Foundation and the Inter-American Development Bank.



The construction of the Hotels begins:


Tayka de Sal located in the Tahua community. This hotel is located in the town of Tahua, at the foot of the Tunupa Volcano.


Tayka de Piedra located in the community of San Pedro de Quemes. This hotel is located a few steps from the historic burned Village of San Pedro de Quemes.


Tayka del Desierto located in the desert of Siloli. It belongs to the community of Soniquera. Unlike the other hotels, which are located almost next to each town, it is located several kilometers from any other establishment.



Tayka de Sal and Tayka de Piedra Hotels begin operations



Tayka del Desierto begins its operations



Tayka del Desierto expands its infrastructure and goes from having 14 to 28 rooms



The restructuring and re-equipment of Tayka de Sal and Tayka de Piedra Hotels is officially delivered.



The hotels Tayka de Sal, Piedra and Desierto operate successfully in the area and the Community Associations to which they belong have grown and are an active part of the operation. The Hotels have become a benchmark for hotels in the area and in the last year they have distributed almost 120,000 USD of dividends to the Community Associations.


Tayka de Sal and Tayka de Piedra Community Associations will become the sole owners of the Hotel in 2020 and the Tayka del Desierto Association will do so in 2021.